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12-04-2012, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Sypher04 View Post
1.) You can make an assumption that he will retire and he won't be looking to get paid for those last 4 years, but it's not necessarily reality. We really have no idea as to what Roberto's intentions are for the end of his contract; we didn't sign it. In either case, I'd say the earliest he'd walk away from that contract is 40. The main issue is that we really have no idea what Luongo's performance will be like at 37/38/39 years old, yet we'll be stuck with his full cap hit. Some goalies do not age well.

2.) Agreed, this is a big wildcard IMO. Maybe more of a stumbling block than point 1)

3.) So, in short, trading him isn't very simple. As I thought. If he turns 37/38 and his play is noticeably declining, and he has no intention of retiring until he he turns 40, he'd be basically immoveable.
1.) The real risk is the last year of his full price contract (age 37-38). Is he worth the money at that point? Who knows? Nobody seriously believes he is going to hang onto the last years of that deal. That is quite silly.
2.) We will wait and see
3.) Trading him is not as simple as others have let on. Basically the contract is structured so that he can force a move after next season or the team is notionally stuck with him until he retires or agrees to waive.

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