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Originally Posted by buggs View Post
Honest question: did he go there to play hockey or to obtain an education. If the latter, in what and did he graduate? I ask because didn't Harvard recently have a basketball related scandal whereby the players were scamming the system and their grades weren't legit? I know the reputation of Harvard well but what's the reality?
I may be wrong (my friiend got recruited by Cornell for football, this is how he explained it) but I believe the way it works for Ivy League is there is a tiered system for athletic recruits. Basically, the majority must have above some GPA limit, only x number are allowed between y and z GPA, etc. with less and less recruits allowed as the GPA decreases. Usually, this means that the couple recruits with the lowest GPA's are the most athletically talented, although I have no idea if that is the case here.

As a side note, my friend would have been able to play DI football for Cornell (not as a starter, but on the team for sure), but they said that his GPA was too low and would have put him in one of the lower tiers, and they were saving those spots for big impact players.

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