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12-04-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Devils731 View Post
Probably because Poni didn't want to play here or really wanted to play in Winnipeg. Real life isn't like video games, you can't just sign anyone you want, they sometimes have wants that you can't fulfill no matter what money you might offer them.
This could be true, as could the TMZ thing with Lou wanting to make an example out of someone could too. Though I believe we lost him in the Parise sweepstakes. I think if we made an offer before July 1st he would have stayed. Maybe had he stayed on the market an extra day we would have taken him back. We signed Marty, and Moose on the 2nd, and Salvador on the 3rd I think if I remember correctly. I think Lou was waiting for his final offer to Parise before signing them.

That was a mess last July 1st, and Lou really cannot let that happen again. Try to sign everybody before the 1st. If they don't wanna stay, then that's not Lou's fault, but we can't have another July 1st like last year with Marty going to UFA, and all that other mess. Don't let Patty go to UFA either for the love of god!

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