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12-04-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Steelheads101 View Post
I agree that Percy and DeMelo should be split. They just might have to work a bit harder and think a bit faster if they didn't have eachother to depend on. Look at Diodati, he's had 4 different D partners this year (Graves, Zottl, Duhaime, Welsh), along with being shifted from 2nd to 3rd line D.

On another note, what is the man thinking when it comes to his PP. Maybe he could consider actually creating a second PP line instead of putting a regular 2nd or 3rd line out there. 2 minute straight PP shifts for top line is ridiculous as well. Mississauga has one of the worst PP in the league.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.(Albert Einstein)
I agree with you. Brace is a very talented hockey player and part of the foundation of the team but Boyd needs to have a tighter leash on him. Saw them playing against London, Brace had too many turnovers and his shifts were too long. Smoskowitz is a real bright spot for this team, 21 goals in 24. I do question Smoskowitz and Brace's effort on the back check though. Burnside is a very fast skater, and a compliment to the line. Really needs to improve his strength, loses the puck along the walls too easy. I feel if this line moved the puck quicker and more often they could be dangerous.

A problem with this team is that apart from the first line no other line is really contributing to the score sheet on a regular basis. And they are subject to slow starts and defensive lapses when playing strong teams. They just need to get back to the way they started the season. But they have played well ultimately and the fact that they are only 3 points out of first, James Boyd should be a candidate for coach of the year if they keep it up.

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