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12-04-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Sypher04 View Post
I think Roberto Luongo signed on a shorter term contract, and with less control over his destination could go for a very high price. But, I think the combination of limited trade partners and his contract certainly do significantly hurt what the Canucks will get. Most reports seem to suggest that the two locations are really Florida and Toronto. Toronto's need is blatantly obvious to anyone who watches hockey while Florida is solid enough in goal that making the move isn't by any means a necessity. Between Clemmensen and Theodore their net seems pretty secure for the moment, and blocking Markstrom for the next 6+ years probably isn't their wisest move.

This all said, there are likely one or two teams that are potential suitors that we don't hear about. I would be surprised if the Leafs we basically the lone team at any point, but we definitely know the list cannot be very long.
Florida is in a much better bargaining position that Toronto for sure. Their pressure point is about survivability of the franchise though and not winning is not helping with that. Also blocking Backstrom is only valid were he already where Schneider is. He's a long way from that.

One thing Vancouver has shown with Lou is that you can bring along the goalie of the future quite nicely with Lou as a starter and benefit from elite goaltending for 82 games a year. A HUGE advantage that has been by far the biggest single factor in B2B PT's.

Also, Florida could always do what vancouver should have done and trade the more valuable asset (Schneider) for a shed-load of assets.

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