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12-04-2012, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by ginner classic View Post
Acquiring Lou is not scary at all for the Leafs with the possible exception of losing a 1st rounder. Provided there are not significant punitive damages for hiding contracts in the minors (legacy deals like Lou's that are already signed), there is nothing at all to fear.

He can't be traded until a new CBA is signed and we won't know the landscape until then with respect to new rules so it's pretty tough to say what kind of return he gets.

If the season is cancelled I'd say all bets are off as Vancouver really only has this season where they are considered contenders. With Lappiere, Raymond, Higgins and Edler all UFA and all due moderate to substantial increases in salary, and the advancing age of the Sedins and others, no season means a pretty big step back for Vancouver. I'm not sure Luongo is the one I would trade in that scenario as we'd likely need the better assets from Schneider to rebuild (as counter intuitive as that sounds).
That comment about scary was more general than related to a specific possible transaction.

Well, the counter point to that would be that trading Luongo may well give you the cap flexibility to be able to re-sign those pieces and remain a contender for a few more years. And, while I'm by no means an expert on the Canucks, I'd think if you can hold onto Edler the rest will work out. Lappiere, Raymond and Higgins are all very replaceable parts.

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