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Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
There's a bad time to read the OT thread? I can't think of any time when it is bad to read the OT thread...on a first date...while dropping a deuce...with a finger on the nuclear missile launch button...
While watching cats barf... While waiting to have wisdom teeth pulled...

Originally Posted by Clock View Post
Kenmore is not ghetto.
Originally Posted by Penalty Killa View Post
Everything East of Delaware in Kenmore is modest middle class homes. Definitely not ghetto.

And there is also Deerhurst which is considered a very nice neighborhood.
Originally Posted by Mike McDermott View Post
Considering Kenmore is all of like 4 square miles there isn't much to be sketchy about.

Originally Posted by Taro Tsujimoto View Post
Pommers, Enroth, and McCormick all live in my neighborhood. And so does Barnaby.
Sift his trash/recycling for bottles lately?

Originally Posted by aceface33 View Post
Well look. Tonawanda's a big place. You're never exactly sure when you are in Tonawanda.

I lived in an apartment just south of Sheridan near Colvin for 3 years. You go a few more blocks south and you are in Kenmore but I think I was technically in Tonawanda. However, the address said Buffalo. Crazy!
The Town of Tonawanda is geographically large by WNY standards.

Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
Not fair. Rob Ray was/is one of my idols and was growing up. My mom is from Buffalo so she sat me down and let me watch him beat the snot out of people. If I had a job like that, or lived in neighborhood, I'd not ask for autographs etc. But just if I saw them, you know, say hi, thank you for the job you're doing, stuff like that. Someone at my mom's work knows Danny Gare. Her mortgage lawyer is friends with Myers too. So hard to not ask "Get him to meet us!"
Best friend's dad was OB/GYN for many of the Sabres wives, & delievered many of their babies in the 70's & 80's.

Originally Posted by aceface33 View Post
I moved there in Sept. 2001 so we were probably neighbors for a short time. We were in the last building to the west, closest to Delaware, in the top floor.
Originally Posted by Mike McDermott View Post
We were in the middle building in the middle of the "U" on the top floor.

Small world.
Anyone old enough to remember the blue whale car wash at the intersection of the colvin extension and youngs road, just south of the 290 at exit #2 ?

Originally Posted by CriminallyVu1gar View Post
Absolutely, money is one of the most disgusting things you'll touch even when it HASN'T been in a toilet. Peeing on it is taking it from 85% gross to 95% gross. Acceptable in my opinion.
Urine is actually pretty sanitary.

Originally Posted by LegomyLeggio View Post
It depends on how much money I have in my wallet and how long it is until last call.
We thought you don't drink? Best wishes with the house.

Originally Posted by Afino View Post
Am I the only one who just had their wisdom teeth pulled like any teeth and went home?
1 dose of codeine, couple hour nap and I was good to go for life.

Originally Posted by Taro Tsujimoto View Post
Hostage situation at the IHOP on Walden.
Amazed indeed, pancakes aren't THAT good.

Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
Wow, all this free time you seem to have at UB! You must have a 4.0 avg.

When I went to college I studied non stop and still only had around a 3.2.
Well, there's your problem.

Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
It's the age I would assume .... Under 25?

Also, there is usually a direct correlation between jaw drop beautiful, IQ, attitude, snobbishness, personality, and what they take an interest in.

If you're smart (and it seems you are) you'll learn that ...

Attraction lies within the mind
There is no other kind
That perseveres throughout time
Understand where to draw the line
My mind likes boobs.

Originally Posted by Clock View Post
May the force be with you.
I have that pic on my fridge.
Originally Posted by Kishire View Post
What I've learned from this thread, having your wisdom teeth removed will lead to fun times
Seinfeld episode at the dentist...

Start stealing office supplies. And be sure to hang on to your stapler.

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