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Originally Posted by nah68 View Post
Not sure, but I have two guesses:

1) The option is really not there and the notion that there are players from outside the Saskatoon boundary playing in Saskatoon is vastly over-stated, and/or

2) The GSHL is flat-out better for player-development.
Sorry but it is not overstated, its a guarantee that there are players that belong to other communities playing in the city....whether they are at the tier 1,2, or 3 level they are there! If you believe otherwise so be it, thats the whole idea isn't it, deception by parents whole believe they are helping there kid, over helping the community that he or she belongs to.
As for the GSHL being "flat out better" I guess you win, thats why everyone wants in and no one is allowed out, right? Kids that left who are supposedly "chasing a dream" left for just that reason, right? Or is it the fact that the minority actually makes the decisions for the majority. And I surely am not going to be the one to discredit there choice....its there kids life. And really what would it matter if someone wished to be released to try elsewhere, you then have the ability to move a few more kids from the tier2 spots and get that player development to another individual. Like Ive said before if you wish to stay, stay. But surely if someone wanted to leave they should be allowed to. Seems to me like its a one way street.

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