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12-04-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SCP Guy View Post
That's no really fair.....if the players first counter would have been 71% of HRR (the owners subtracted 14% so the players add 14%) would we be saying the players have moved leaps and bounds from their original offer?

I'm pro owner but lets be real the only side giving anything here will be the players
There has always been a significant gap between what the player side claim they are willing to give up and what they actually are giving up, especially with the insistence that players should be protected against low revenue growth. At this point it's hard to estimate the damage done by the conflict, but I think it might be big.

The players share of revenue will go down, no doubt. But it won't be the 50/50 split the players claim they have accepted. Even the owners offer gives players more than 50/50.

I do think the owners are overreaching with the contracting demands. They might be wanted, but certainly aren't needed. RFA players having a bit more leverage isn't the end of the world and should be something GMs should be able to deal with.

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