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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
He paints everything into a conspiracy and slants everything in his favor, sounds like a teenager trying to get his way.
It's interesting how a lot of people incorrectly believe that any thoery that involves a conspiracy is automatically wrong or stupid or defective in some way.

The owners' lockout *is* a conspiracy.

From Wikipedia:
Cabal, an association between religious, political, or tribal officials to further their own ends, usually by intrigue
Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage

con·spir·a·cy [kuh n-spir-uh-see] Show IPA
noun, plural con·spir·a·cies.
1. the act of conspiring.
2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.


Here we have the owners acting concurrently, with their internal machinations largely secret from the public eye, in order to achieve an end that is to their own advantage.

If you're talking about the lockout, then you're talking about conspiracies.

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