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Originally Posted by Thomas L View Post
Dunno. It's a workshop not a meeting. Anyway, here's the RM audit report. I have not reviewed.
So, if I'm following this correctly, the City of Glendale, fresh off flushing $320 million down the toilet in the JIG lease scam, has to do the following, to patch up a series of errors, miscues, bad decisions and shady dealings:

(1) Transfer $1 million to $1.4 million from the general obligation fund to the Workers Compensation Trust Fund by Dec 31, 2012 to restore the fund to 55% confidence level required by state law.

(2) Transfer $489,000 from the general obligation fund to the Risk Management Trust Fund to reverse the inappropriate practice of having 3 full time employees' salaries paid out of the trust fund for the past few years.

(3) Account for the three risk management employees' salaries going forward out of the general fund instead of the risk management fund, which will basically necessitate additional budget cuts.

(4) Explain why they didn't have a licensed risk management consultant for a 29 month period between Sep 2009 and Feb 2012, even though one is required by state law.

Keep up the good work, Glendale.

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