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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
% of goals on ice for and against have been used as a proxy for ice time and the correlation is very good. I just took it for granted that they could be used like that in this instance.

We have ice time figures starting in 1997-98, so we have 4 years when both Bourque and Lidstrom were in the league to compare their PP% according to overpass against their actual % of icetime on the PP. If the correlation is very strong for all 4 years, I would assume it would hold for their entire careers.

I don't have time to do it now though.
Looks like you might have a very good point. Bourque got a lot more PP time than Lidstrom from that span; over a minute less year-to-year. So it looks like Lidstrom contributing less to the PP can be at least partially attributed to him being out there less.

However, in terms of raw totals (PP/game), Lidstrom has to take a hit as well, as his team's PP was clearly more productive, even when he was off the ice.

Another interesting stat: If you the ratio of Lidstrom PP% to Bourque, and then take the ratio of Bourque's team strength to Lidstroms, they pretty much negate each other.

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