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12-04-2012, 02:17 PM
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I am really happy with the new format of only one team being relegated. This year especially it is nice, because Germany and Latvia are clearly above the rest. I think a lot of people are talking about Latvia, but this German team could do some damage as well. They have some talent you do not normally see. I really hope they stay up, because I think next years team would be seriously dangerous.
The way I see their roster panning out.

G- Marvin Cüpper (94)
G- Philip Lehr (93)

Haase(93)- Keller(93)
Kronthaler(93)- Faber(93)
Mebus(93)- Mierandres(93)
Bar(93)...Kindl(93) next in line

These are not actual lines... just an idea of the order

Reider(93)- Draisaitl(95)- Pföderl(93)
Pauli (93)- Uvira(93)- Kahun(95)
Latta(93)- Kretschmann(93)- Kurth(94)

At this point I would then consider... Zuravlev(93), Tiffels(95) as wildcards. I am sure one or two of the other 93 born players would fill the extra role and possibly replace Draisaitl or Kahun if they are deemed too young. Personally I think that would be a tragedy givne how they are playing!

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