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12-04-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryan34222 View Post
just for conversation

what would you consider Hamilton, a small/large market?

would you consider it small since the city itself is only 520000? or a large market due to its location in Southern Ontario?
Not sure if this is directed at me but...

I would consider Hamilton mid to large for sure, although it is hard to be sure until a team has moved there. Hamilton may only be 520k, but there are what, 8 million people within a hour drive? I don't have any census statistics, but google is telling me Toronto proper is less than an hour, nevermind Mississauga and the rest of the suburbs around there (Southern Ontario is not a particular strength of mine geography wise). Toronto is already there and well established which will hurt the market considerably, but I think that there's more than enough people there for large market, depending on how much the team is able to carve out a nice in Southern Ontario taking away some Leaf fans. So at LEAST a mid market team, with pretty easy potential to be a large market team, IMO.

My personal criteria is a mixture of population, population density, corporate support, and hockey interest to decide what would be a small/mid/large hockey market. For example, I still think Los Angeles is just a mid market, and Anaheim is just is a small market. Difference between both of them and say Winnipeg, is that they both have the potential to be large markets, Winnipeg doesn't.

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