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Originally Posted by MarkusNaslund19 View Post
Vlastimil Kroupa.
That's a pretty obscure name there. A nice threadkiller

Scarcely-used defenseman that played mostly at even-strength because he didn't have a lot of endearing qualities that made him a special teamer. Relatively smooth skating stride, though not really a speed burner, but he could get moving pretty well if he had room to rev it up. Not particularly strong or well-balanced despite his size. Kind of lanky looking on the ice sometimes. Didn't really stick out with any awesome qualities I don't believe. Lacked meaningful anticipation, was very inconsistent and struggled keeping with his checks. Went through the motions defensively more than taking an active role in them it seemed - just struck me as a player that was playing a bit over his head and it made him timid and lacking in confidence. It probably didn't help that Kevin Constantine was his first coach either - a coach who notoriously demands a lot from his players and if there was a language barrier on top of it, it could have really hurt his development. Probably would be much better, consistent and confident at a lower level of play where he could bail himself out of situations with his size and reach...also where things are slower, so he didn't have to think quite as fast to process what was happening...

I don't want to shortchange him too much because he's played more pro hockey than I ever will, but he seems like a product of rapid expansion...meaning that replacement-level players sometimes end up in the big show because there are too many roster spots to fill vs. the qualified talent pool.

In the spirit of the previous post, I'll just go along with it for someone else to answer...Jere Lehtinen.


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