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12-04-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by FLAMESFAN View Post
yes, you keep bringimg up this injury. What exactly was the injury? It didn't stop him from travling back & forth across the country while being called up and sent back down. He rarely saw action, in either league. And I already know what you are going to bring up next, so please don't say anything about having a baby. It's part of the sport, and all players go through it.

Again, I never once said he sucks. I agree he was a top AHL goalie, and looked very promising. All I am saying is that some of that shine has worn off over the past year due to a host of reasons.
I believe he had a pulled grown that got worse with more starts but given a game once ever few weeks for the Flames it didn't bother him until he was returned the Heat and was expected to play more frequently and aggravated it which lead to Taylor being given the starting role. I never once brought up his kid that is part of the business but look at his starts this year other than the last game when he was left out to dry by his team he has a SV% of .928 and a GAA of 2.33, I simply don't see how those are poor numbers. Why is he not getting as many starts as Taylor, because Taylor was simply on fire last year and to start this year, and while he has had 2 bad games Ward is a big believer in trusting your goalies and so he is willing to bet that Taylor will bounce back. Not to mention while Taylor was playing the same way as last year Brust broke a 55 year old record for longest shut out if you don't think it is hard to get playing time between those two you are sorrily mistaken.

You said and I quote "Why do some fans need to defend/make excuses for him? Not 1 person can honestly say they are happy with his progress this year. Taylor is faltering lately, and I'm sure Irving is getting another start soon - what's he going to do with it? "

Other than his last game this part isn't even true, you ask why do we need to defend him, well we wouldn't if you didn't make up facts about how he is playing.

Irving has played great when he has played and that is all he can control, he doesn't choose playing time if your so worried about email Troy Ward its his call not Irving's.

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