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12-04-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by slightlystewpid420 View Post
We had this problem yesterday in Sitwell and I couldnt allow it because it just circumvented the trade rules. Which are there for a reason. So both trades must remain equal as they are two seperate trades. So you cant evaluate the two trades as one trade.
Yeah I meant evaluate the two deals as one in addition to the two deals by themselves as well. That way if you had two small trades where team A was getting a better deal than team B in both of them, if you only look at them separately team B might not be losing enough to disallow, but together team B may be be losing enough where it should be disallowed as a whole.

Otherwise as a commish you're leaving yourself exposed to a team ripping another team off by spreading it out over 2 deals so you don't have enough ripoff in one deal alone to disallow it.

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