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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
The children would rather see their parents tax money spent on more important things like sports stadiums instead of schools and other trivial matters. Does Detroit really need

It really is sickening that cities agree to shell out money to BILLIONAIRES so they can have the privilege of paying for their stadium which will make them even more ridiculously wealthy. Ilitch at least gives back to the city, but i still dont think he should see a dime from Detroit.

The NHL should set aside a certain amount of their profits so that they can be used toward building new arenas. All the owners contribute so that when the arena is built, it will be the property of the owner. Make it so only one new arena can be built every 5-10 years. That number can increase if it is feasible. That sounds like more than enough time to build up the capital necessary and it's highly unlikely more than one new arena will need to be built every 5-10 years.
There is fairness to having the city pay for some of it though. It creates a bunch of jobs, strengthens the areas restaurants/bars and willl ikely bring more tourists. He also plans to keep it downtown and help the city where he could just as easily stick it a suburb.

I'm really glad they plan on it being down town, makes it so much easier for me coming across the border for games

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