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12-04-2012, 03:11 PM
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Well I only watched an episode once but the last two weeks were:


Ventura looks into rumors that the elite are building fortified retreats and underground bunkers in remote areas of the country in preparation for a doomsday event. He travels to Ozark, Missouri to investigate the construction of an alleged 75,000 sq. ft., "single-family," fortified mansion owned by a satellite surveillance mogul and government defense contractor. Later, Ventura and his team are guided by a local informant to a massive underground warehouse facility, complete with railroad access, that is located in nearby Springfield, Missouri.

Ventura looks into various corporations that have been filling in the void left by NASA in recent years and pioneering new space technology as private enterprise. His leads focus him in on billionaire aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow who purchased Utah's mysterious "Skinwalker Ranch." Named after the shape-shifting spirits of Native American legend, the site has a long history of claims of UFO activity and other strange phenomena. While Tyrell and Shawn have their own unexplained encounter at the ranch, Ventura seeks answers to his questions from Bigelow himself.

Cant wait for the return of Ancient Aliens though...He was in town a month ago but had to miss it (crazy hair guy).

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