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12-04-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by wilty00 View Post
Makes me sick seeing guys like him and Lupul denounce the owners every chance they get then as soon as the guy who signs their cheques becomes publicly involved it's time to kiss ass.
You got it wrong. They denounce Bettman every chance they get...just like all the other players - none of them have come about and spoke against the guy that signs their paycheque. Players have fun singling out Jacobs, how many of those players are from the Bruins? None of these guys are going to directly bite the hand that feeds them. Instead, they bite the hand that the owners have paid to have bitten. In defense of Lupul and Liles, their boss hasn't said a peep about anything and isn't rumored to be an owner holding up the process but at the same token, they don't really know where he stands and after today they may get their answer and may not like it - though they probably still won't call him out.

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