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12-04-2012, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
Just take a look at places like Phoenix , Florida , Columbus , Atlanta , Nashville , Dallas , Carolina where the NHL. is trying to grow the game with terrible results with only Dallas & Carolina being successful & as for the rest will the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg , The Coyotes are on the verge of relocation , Nashville stable but fragile but if this season is lost do to the lockout they could easly be back in the same spot they where back in 2006 , Florida is on life support unless they start winning soon or
they could be on the move & as for Columbus they will be gone within the next 5 years because no one there cares about the blue jackets in columbus they only care about the Ohio State Buckeyes .

Lets be honest there is not much left for the NHL. to grow the game in the USA. just take a look .

Seattle - Bulid that new arena & the NHL. will come & Seattle would be a huge success
Houston - Could be a Good Hockey market but not intrested in the NHL. right now
Portland - The same as Houston a good hockey market but not intrested right now
Las Vegas - Pretty much the same type of market as Phoenix it simply won't work
Kansas City - 60\40 chance the NHL could work there but they will have to beat the NBA. there because the NBA. is planning to expand after next season & Kansas City is one the front runners to land an NBA. team & KC. right in the middle of basketball country.

Hamilton , Quebec City & Seattle will get NHL. team within 7 years.
There is a difference between saying "The NHL in the Southern U.S., more often than not, is struggling" (which is backed by plenty of evidence), and saying "The NHL's growth in the U.S. has capped, and can not get any larger".

Saying that would require decent historical analysis and plenty of evidence, none of which I see from your post. In fact, the trend in increased television ratings and attendance suggests otherwise.

In addition, in a business where revenue is dominated by attendance, and attendance is dependent on the success of the team, it is foolish to declare a market "capped". Especially if a market has been experiencing consecutive seasons of losing records, which have been shown to adversely affect attendance.

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