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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
There is fairness to having the city pay for some of it though. It creates a bunch of jobs, strengthens the areas restaurants/bars and willl ikely bring more tourists. He also plans to keep it downtown and help the city where he could just as easily stick it a suburb.

I'm really glad they plan on it being down town, makes it so much easier for me coming across the border for games
The economic impact of sports stadiums on a city economy is debatable.

Ilitch could stick it in a suburb, but he has so many Detroit officials in his backpocket that it would be silly to move it to a suburb.

Given the existing conditions of Detroit, I can't see how anyone can justify diverting scarce resources away from core city services.

Let's cut back some more on police and fire and schools and social services so that a bunch of rich, suburban white guys can drive to Detroit and watch hockey.

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