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05-28-2006, 03:03 PM
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Beckett is well known indeed but they also grade what is called 'Sheet' cards which are somewhat looked down in the Card Collecting Hobby..........Sheet cards are simply cards that are cut with today's technology thus making them nearly perfect.........

PSA avoids these cards so when you see a card like mine, it is the card as it originally was over 35 years ago and not tampered with by modern day Laser cutting processes used on Sheet cards..........Sheet cards refers to before cards are actually cut into individual cards........You can still buy sheets of old cards if you pay attention to auctions out there.....they can go for a fortune of course......

If you go to any Sports Card Collecting forms, you can find quickly regardless of what sport, that PSA always sells the highest and with good reason........that isn't to say Beckett doesn't have some nice stuff and is a decent company but they are clearly recognized as being a runner up to PSA.....

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