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12-04-2012, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Really hard to disagree with this anyway.

Los Angeles, the second biggest market in the USA and a completely untapped one at that, had just won the cup to packed arenas. They've got a young core and can compete for years to come.

New York, the largest market, had just made the conference finals, and had just acquired Rick Nash. They've got a young core and can compete for years to come.

Other large, key markets such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston were also doing well.

17 of 30 teams were profitable, with total league operating income of 140 million dollars a year including a 3 million dollar annual profit for the median team, 26 of 30 teams were benefiting from increasing franchise valuations. Key markets were competing. You could watch hockey on NBC.

As Charles Dickens would say, it was the best of times to be a player, it was the best of times to be an owner.

Now was not the time to hold a lockout. Lockouts are a reasonable strategy for struggling businesses, not for businesses booming and growing in all directions, at which point the key strategy is to move forward. Gary Bettman, with his 3rd lockout (!!!), and the anti-union ideological crusader and cheapskate Jeremy Jacobs really did blow it. They should have just focused on growing the game, which is far more profitable than taking from the players.

If they lose the momentum they've had, the owners may lose billions of dollars. Couldn't happen to a group of nicer folks.
If anyone should be livid about this, it's the Kings ownership group. I know anecdotal evidence means nothing but I know a few people from Southern California who watched hockey for the first time last season, and have already given up on it. Obviously these sort of bandwagon fans will come back with the right level of success, just as the Gretzky fans returned last year, but it's a major step backwards for that market.

The timing of this is just hilarious, because a lot of the unstable warm weather markets - LA, Phoenix, Florida being the obvious ones, had great seasons last year and this lockout undoes everything for them.

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