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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
In your very same post, you seem to be contradicting yourself, which is it?

We know pro sports pump millions into an economy they have done studies on it. As long as Ilitch covers the majority of this it will be huge for the city of Detroit. I am not for a huge tax, but he should get some help, this is big for the entire community.

Also this is reaching Lindstrom status.

Mike Ilitch Sr., just one l in the name. With all he has done for the city I hope they name the arena after him and people learn how to spell his name.
Who is they? Construction lobbiests? Sports industry lobbiests?

Go to Google and type in: stadiums good for economy
If You Build It, They Might Not Come: The Risky Economics of Sports Stadiums

So I want to know how much money they think the TIF is going to raise for a new arena where private investors get all the reward?

I know how TIFs generally work. Let's see the mechanism here before decide this is a good thing for Detroit.

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