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Originally Posted by Fantomas View Post
I would very much like for Russia to keep its players, but it is not currently happening at a preferable rate. Which is why I draw two conclusions which are unfortunately eluding the biased Russian posters here:

- there are very good players leaving the country to play in the CHL and they deserve fair consideration - keeping them off the rosters will not make the team better

- keeping these players at home is vital, but heaping blame on them for leaving is not productive - players are leaving because Russian hockey clubs provide insufficient incentives for them to stay; cater to the youngsters to stay, provide them with scholarships and they will stay.
This is a totally missed shot. The porblem is the image of the NHL as the wordl's best league. What incentives? They are already guaranteeing 4 young players roster spots in the KHL against good reason obviously. I would leave it at 2 at the most. Should KHL teams pay them insane money only to spoil them but to keep them at all costs? There are already precedents. Anton Burdasov left for SKA all because of some insane contract they offered him. He's not worth that money. He would be doing good if he stayed in the system of Traktor. Throwing 'incentives' at the kids won't help it.

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