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Originally Posted by Slashers98 View Post
=You really believe what Daly says? Common, he is the best liar around after Gary Bettman.
Nah, you have to rank Fehr above Daly, and I'd put Bettman/Fehr in a dead heat.

Originally Posted by sharks fan 209 View Post
Didn't the players suggest this at the beginning of this whole mess? We will soon later see tweets about how the meeting was a disappointment and no traction was gained.
Yes, the players offered to play but I don't think it would be with the current CBA technically in place, which would mean they could strike. If the players were sincere about playing with the CBA in place and negotiating, they would have done so when the league first asked them to do it back in November, 2011. Difference would have been they would have been unable to strike under the terms of the CBA, which was in effect at that time.

Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
The owners through Daly will say something like "The players have shown they have no clue how business actually works"
Well, at least there would be one accurate statement coming out of the meeting, then. And I don't mean that disrespectfully. Most people have no idea how complex this business is and how it works. Some are just smart enough to admit it!

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I don't think it's particularly bad. In a way, the more ears in the room (up to a point), the better group recollection of what was said, their impressions of sincerity, feeling/mood, will be more accurate.
This depends upon the diversity of the group of players. The league has sent a pretty good cross-section of owners. If the players who are there are all die-hard-owners-are-Satanic types, it wouldn't matter if there are 6 of them or 600.


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