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Originally Posted by thook View Post
Lakehead has had a tough schedual so far, they swept Guelph, split with uqtr, Windsor and western yet they get no votes?? Strange.
You forgot about Carleton as well. We are 6-3-1 vs the #5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 (Guelph) teams.

Here are the records of OUA teams vs teams that received votes in this latest poll:

Lakehead 6-3-1 (Wins: Guelph (2), UQTR, Western, Windsor, Carleton)
McGill 2-3-0 (Wins: Carleton, Toronto)
Carleton 2-1-0 (Wins: Toronto, UQTR)
Guelph 3-2-0 (Wins: Western, Windsor, Toronto)
Toronto 0-4-2 (Wins: none)
Western 2-2-0 (Wins: McGill, Guelph)
Windsor 4-1-0 (Wins: Toronto (2), Guelph, Western)
UQTR 3-1-0 (Wins: McGill (2), Toronto)

I'm not going to debate where Lakehead fits in nationally, but I do agree that we deserve votes based on the other OUA teams that got some. Take out Toronto, who clearly doesnt belong, and all of these teams listed above have even worse records vs teams with votes. We're 6-3-1 vs these teams, without the benefit of padding the record with wins against Toronto.

That being said, this has been quite the competitive season thus far in the OUA. I have no doubt that we can beat any team in the OUA but, at the same time, there are very few teams that I would be comfortable playing in the playoffs. I think that goes for everyone. If you have an off night this season, you're very likely going to lose the game.

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