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12-04-2012, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by oilersfan11 View Post
To Oilers
Ryan Getzlaf
Ryane Clowe

To Ducks
Joe Pavelski
Sam Gagner
Jeff Petry
2013 1st round pick Oilers
2014 1st round pick Oilers

To Sharks
Corey Perry
We are building the oilers not destroying!

Our Smid Petry pairing played the last half of the year together. 30 games in front of D. Dubnyk
Who was
.777 win% 2.11GA .933 SV%

petry had a season pace of 3G 44A with this pairing.

They were the 5th best 1st pairing D last half of the year.

Heck Smid was was 5G 25PT seaon pace w Petry.

Anyone who wants to trade Petry or Smid.

There are not adjective to describe how big a mistake that is.

When we rolled a top 4 of
Whitney-N. Schultz

in front of Dubnyk
772 win% 1.96 GA .935 SV% all losses were only 3.00 GA games.

Then the getzlaf thing. a play making centers assist numbers are directly proportional to the scoring ability of nthe wingers.

See getzlaf before Perry, Ryan, Sellane were lighting it up he was a 33-35 assist Forward.

Look at gagner game logs. His Assist and point rate is reflective of his wingers.

the kid was 1ppg when he played with Penner and hemsky.

Not so great with Moreau, Potulny, O'sullivan, Cogliano, Nilsson, Pajaarvi.
or do you consider these guys the same as Ryan, Perry, Sellane

Now if we are talking size at center.

we drafted a Jujhar Khaira in the 3rd round last year.

Who grew from 5'5" to 6'2" and is now 6'3" 200lb at the ripe age of 18 Yrs and 3 months.

he is playing at Michigan tech. Started as 3rd line minutes guy but coaches moved him to 1st line.
Is top 2 for 18 year olds in PPG in the NCAA.
1.3PPG on the first line .

1.3PPG 18 yr olds in The NCAA

"At Red Line, we believe this kid could be the biggest/best sleeper of the entire draft. Prince George is so far off the beaten path teams don’t even travel there for WHL games, much less BCHL contests, so he gets zero exposure. But this kid is big, mean, aggressive, nasty, and guess what… he can score too. Does the dirty work in the corners, bangs bodies and wins battles, and loves to initiate heavy contact. Powerful stride with great balance and gets leverage on his hits. Has surprisingly soft hands and puck skills with playmaking ability. Creates lots of space for smaller teammates and makes everyone braver."

"top ten in four of the physical tests at the NHL Combine in advance of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. With the seventh largest wing span measurement of 77.75 inches, Khaira also showed his strength in the bench press finishing fifth with 12 reps of 150 lbs and also eighth for strength lifting 9.1 lb/lb of body weight a full 4 points above the Combine average. In the test of upper body power, Khaira was fourth throwing a 4 kg ball 232 inches."

Michagan tech coaches “I told our coaches before the weekend I thought JJ (Jujhar) made huge strides in how much better he was. He’s at a different level right now. We’re playing sophomores and freshmen against other team’s seniors, grizzled vets, and they’re doing a great job.”

“We see him as a big time power forward. He skates really well, very good down low, strong on the puck, has good vision and great offensive instincts."

Umh could you imagine!


Just No to the chasing the big fish!

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