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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
It's semi-off topic, but Alec Connell played lacrosse before he ever played hockey. Anyone know what position he played in lacrosse? Not that it's an easy adaption from lacrosse goalie to hockey goalie, but at least SOME of the skills are the same (the whole visually tracking the small, fast thing coming at you, at least).

Lacrosse/hockey crossovers were not that uncommon then. I know Newsy Lalonde's true love was hockey, but at one point, he played lacrosse because there was more money in it.
At some point (maybe right after World War I; I've never been able to really pin it down), hockey passed lacrosse and became the second major professional sport (after baseball) in North America.
Lacrosse was a factor,pre NHA,pre WWI.

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