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Originally Posted by sepster View Post
DDA money is not available to the city as general funds, so it won't go to PD, FD or schools anyway.

Add that to the fact that the people who run the city and distribute general funds are more dishonest/inept/corrupt than anyone involved with this new development, I say keep the money as far away from them as possible.

There are a lot of great things going on in the city, I hope and pull for its continued revival. But, every tangible amount of progress is happening due to people like Ilitch, Gilbert, Penske and the like (private sector business). The people who run the city do nothing but obstruct. EX: Belle Isle Lease situation.
1) Where do you think DDA money comes from?
It's a taxation district overlaid on top of a region of the city.
Taxes on future property tax increases are diverted from the places they would normally go (schools/fire/pd etc).

2) I'm glad you want tax dollars to go straight into the hands of selected rich guys. I don't..

It's great having Ford Field downtown and a new Comerica Park... but how exactly did that change Detroit?

It didn't.

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