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Originally Posted by The_Human_Atombomb View Post
care to explain?
He is a born loser. Bayern and the NT tied themselves to him and built around him and he has just found new and more innovative ways to disappoint. He's lost an astoundingly large number of semi-finals and finals, and he lacks any sort of on-field bravado. He's not aggressive, he's not a leader, he's not a "creator". Whereas Pirlo, Xavi, Lampard, Gerrard and other top CMs create moments of inspiration and magic - Schweinsteiger plays shorter and shorter passes when the penultimate moment nears. He drops deeper and deeper, he becomes fearful and passive until the clock runs out and he has his head in his hands weeping yet again.

He's the anti-Ballack. Whereas Ballack lost an unfair number of finals, it was always him who led the team there or did damn well in that ultimately losing game. Schweinsteiger has never led any squad anywhere (first CL was all Robben + Olic's heroics, last year was Robbery + Gomez for the most part) and when depended upon he plays like utter trash.

Look to this past weekend's encounter against Dortmund. Facing our biggest rival and threat - Kroos plays great yet Schweinsteiger disappears. I don't want him off the team by any means, he's a good player, I just don't want Bayern to depend on the guy. Honess knows it too, that's why he sanctioned the massive bid for Martinez when they already have Kroos, Tymo and Gustavo with Can coming up. They know that Schweinsteiger is not dependable when the moment comes. Lahm at the very least is still a world-class back and while I question his leadership I can see that he's enormously consistent. Schweinsteiger is a first-half player who all but disappears by spring-time (yes I know he was coming back from injury last year, but I'm talking about every previous year as well) - imagine having your team built around him and losing 2 CL finals in 3 years, 2 consecutive league titles, a WC semi and a Euro semi and a Euro final - with him stinking up in the spotlight.

It's infuriating. I'm so soured by his presence that it really affected my enjoyment of watching Bayern play.

Seeing Chelsea play with so much heart (and luck.) against Barcelona contrasted immensely with my perception of Schweinsteiger. And I still dislike how he kept hinting that he might want to leave Bayern someday before his gigantic contract.

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