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Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
Still takes at least 5 hours to fly from Vancouver to Halifax on a direct flight, only including time in the air. More realistically, you get a connecting flight with about an hour layover. Puts you up to 7 hours, plus another hour or so to get into and out of the airports on either end, and you're looking at a good 8 hours to traverse the country by air. If you want to include our north, a flight from Whitehorse to Halifax is going to include multiple connections and could run you up to 16 hours of travel, including layovers. You could fly from Dublin to Istanbul and back (approx. across the whole of Europe, twice) in less time (~5 hours each way) than it would take you to fly from Whitehorse to Halifax.
Holy cow, Canada is actually HUGE... That's crazy long haha...

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