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12-04-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by b29 View Post
If he was pushed on the track a second before there is no way they could have saved him.In before you say "Well he had to get his camera out to take the shot!" Photographers camera's are usually ready at any moment.

Oh and before you go, "so he decided to take a pic and not save him!?" Why didn't anyone else save him? You're telling me there is only 3 people in a new york subway station? It's also dangerous to try and pull someone up, you can easily get dragged down, and there is a voltage bar down there that powers the trains that would kill you in a second.

Lastly, those camera's are really powerful, he could even be 200 meters away for all we know. I don't agree with the publishing of it, but I don't see how this lone photographer is a "pos"

PS cat: A freelance photographer for The New York Post, R. Umar Abbasi, who captured Han's last moment, said he raced towards the oncoming train, firing his flash in the attempt to get the driver to slow down. According to The New York Post,

Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Also possible it's a still from a security camera?
The picture is from a photographer who claimed he was using the camera's flash to warn the subway conductor. Yeah ok.

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