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Originally Posted by MeowLeafs View Post
The picture is from a photographer who claimed he was using the camera's flash to warn the subway conductor. Yeah ok.
So once again it's all on the photographer?

According to Abbasi, the train crushed Han "like a rag doll." He said: "Out of the periphery of my eye, I just saw a body flying, flying through the air. People started waving their hands, anything they could find. They were shouting to the man in the tracks, 'Get out! Get out of there!'"
He continued: "The most painful part was I could see him getting closer to the edge. He was getting so close. And people were running toward him and the train. As I was running toward the train, the man I believe pushed him ran the other way, and I heard him say, '******* motherf--ker.' I didnít think about [the attacker] until after. In that moment, I just wanted to warn the train ó to try and save a life."
Police say that after he fell on the tracks, he narrowly missed being electrocuted. He was unable to climb off the track in time because, at first, he was stunned, but when he saw the train bearing down on him he scrambled to his feet and struggled to get back on the platform.
According to DNAInfo, a witness, said: "There was an argument. It was all so quick... You could see the train coming... while he was on the tracks."
He clearly says he was running towards the train, not sitting there taking a photo and not helping. Besides the other people yelling "Get out of there!" are of more help right?

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