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12-04-2012, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
Well I only watched an episode once but the last two weeks were:



Cant wait for the return of Ancient Aliens though...He was in town a month ago but had to miss it (crazy hair guy).
Oh I didn't realize the Ozarks thing was in reference to the Jesse Ventura conspiracies TV show. As for ancient aliens, I've never seen it but I have heard of it.

That stuff can be pretty fascinating but I always feel so manipulated. Everytime I've put in some real research on the topic I find out it's at best gross misrepresentation and often just complete ********. Reminds me of a Michael Moore documentary (or any political/religious documentary for that matter):

1) start with conclusion
2) create "facts" to support conclusion
3) profit$$$

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