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12-04-2012, 06:02 PM
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The NHL. better not just asume that all the fans will come back & forget this lockout never happen because people still remember the lost season of 2004\2005 do to the lockout & if there is another lost season or even just lossing half the season it could be the last draw for NHL. fans especially in the some of the weak & fragile markets like Phoenix , Columbus , Nashville , Florida , St. Louis & Dallas .

I was once an NHL. fan of both the canadians as my favorite canadian team & the Flyers where my favorite american team up until 04\05 lockout which completely boycotted anything NHL. . Then fews years later I started to come back as a fan then the coyotes fiasco happend & when it looked like Hamilton was going land the coyotes & get an NHL. team we where screwed over again & ever since I boycotted anything NHL. & I will continue to boycott the NHL. unless some major changes happen .

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