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12-04-2012, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by chrisx101 View Post
So the seperation of 10-20 games allows one to be include and one not to be? Not to mention i can probably find more examples of players who do not fit the HF criteria who were still included.
Uh, yes? Gotta draw the line somewhere. That's where the line has been drawn.

Originally Posted by Smallz View Post
Prospect status is stupid in a thread like this people

Who cares if Pittsburgh has the best core of D prospects, its not like that guarantees them anything

Anyone who would rather have Pittsburgh's D prospects over a team like St. Louis' D core is fooling themselves

I don't care if Harrington, Despres, Dumoulin, Maata, etc. were the best prospects in the world - they are not worth more than YOUNG Ds already producing at the NHL level

That's why this thread is horribly flawed - limiting a guy from being included just because he's played over 65 games is moronic - it doesn't give you the full story, it doesn't tell you which team will have the best future D core all it tells you is which team has the best D prospects not in the NHL yet - but my question to all of you is why does that even matter? Which team will have the best d-core in 3-5 years is a much better and more logical question

"I don't like that the well-established, clearly outlined prospect criteria eliminates one of my team's good young players, so this thread is dumb."

Originally Posted by Smallz View Post
I get that but young guys who have less than or 1 NHL season under their belt should be included or else its not really an even playing field
Why not 2 years? Or 3? Or have it based purely on age?

Oh right, because you just want to include Gardiner.

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