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12-04-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
Wow...some homers in here.

Firstly...I imagine this will be locked soon.

Secondly, how can anyone think that this is a good deal for the Leafs? Honestly? Pietrangelo is a great Defenseman....but from the way you're all talking is that he's the second coming of bobby Orr here.

He's not. I'm just going to go ahead and say that.

Kessel is one of the best wingers in the league right now. He may not be there defensively...but let's face it...on St. Louis...he don't need to be.

I honestly now nothing about Tarasenko, but it's puzzling that at 21 he hasn't broken into the league yet, considering what his pedigree is supposed to be.

Even with Kessel and Phaneuf, St. Louis is a playoff team. That being said I don't see a reason for St. Louis to make this trade. Just like I don't see a reason for Toronto to make this trade.

I can see why Blues fans wouldn't make this deal...but don't kid yourself, it's terrible for Toronto as well.
Just because a kid isn't a full timer in the NHL at age 21 doesn't mean he's a bust. He would be playing big minutes right now. The Blues let him develop in Russia. Also, Kessel doesn't need to be defensive? I'm sure the coach would be interested to know that. You can't play a defensive system and have players not play defense.

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