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Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
On even strength is when the penguins tend to give up odd man rushes at a greater rate then most hockey clubs.
How can you possibly know this to be true unless you have watched, at a minimum, every game of at least half of all NHL teams?

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
The thing is that I don't think I'm communicating well is this. Fleury was absolutely horrible last playoffs. I thought overall he played well in game 1 but the defense was really bad. That got into his head and things went further and further off the rails.
I understand what you are trying to say, but it comes across strictly as your opinion and is not substantiated by any data (that I know of). His last playoff performance though isn't even all that relevant to the discussion. A small piece of a much bigger picture.

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
A goalie who faces predictable situations, where the defense prevents the other team from penetrating will have on average have better stats then one who faces turnover situations (can't predict those) and has people shooting at him from 15 feet away.
We already compared Fleury to a goalie on the worst team in the league last season. Two other bad teams, in this case two with horrible defenses, still turned in performances that were at least comparable to Fleury:

Reimer, EVSV% = 0.918
Garon, EVSV% = 0.909

And just for laughs,

Steve Mason, EVSV% = 0.911

Is the Penguins team defense, in terms of shot quality against, really worse than Columbus, Toronto & Tampa Bay? Really?!?

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