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12-04-2012, 06:55 PM
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It's an interesting case you make and I have to say it is surprising that Lakehead didn't draw at least a few votes. I think there's two reasons why Lakehead didn't get any votes:

1. Since opening the season with 2 wins over Guelph (after splitting each of their two pre-season series), they are a .500 team (I recognize there is 1 OT and 1 SO loss in there). Hard to consider any team in any conference in the top 10 with that record, regardless of schedule. All of the OUA teams receiving votes (except Toronto) have put together long winning streaks this year (Western 11 in a row, Windsor 9, Guelph 7, Carleton 6, McGill 5 and now 4, UQTR 5). So the win one. lose one pattern hurts Lakehead.

2. The "what have you done for me lately" factor. Lakehead didn't play last week and there seems to be some on the voting committee that put undue weight on a team's results from the prior week. If they don't see Lakehead's name in the results and they are not high in the standings, they aren't top of mind. Just speculating, of course, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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