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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
The "fact" actually is that Lidstrom in his prime with a minute less in PP time was as effective as Bourque in his twilight years.
Lets just keep that clear shall we
I was very clear that we only have data for Bourque near the end of his career.

Just so we're also clear: that it is a pretty massive difference.

If I did the math correctly it was taking Bourque almost two more minutes of powerplay time on average to equal what Lidstrom was producing at that point.

And with four seasons of data we're around the ~20% mark for their careers.

And yes, I would love to have total team PP minutes for those years for better context but I haven't found any.
Yeah I am sure we could find it but I just don't find it worth the time.

Everyone is so entrenched in their position they just twist everything to fit their preconceived notion anyways.

I generally just pipe in to defend Lidstrom here and there because most of the arguments and statistical gymnastics being used to try and tear him down lately are absurd.

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