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Originally Posted by Saabman0508 View Post
I have only started following the OHL closely this year and somewhat last year. I was a bit confused when the Cardwell deal went through because I thought it seemed like a bit of a lackluster return but everyone else was overjoyed. So my question is, what kind of caliber of player are you expected to get from the OHL draft with, say, a second round pick?
Well OHL teams cannot trade 1st round picks. That's why the CHL has a lot of deals that involve LOTS of 2nd round picks (current and future).

For a 2nd round pick, your return can very. The OHL Priority Selection is even more of a crapshoot than the NHL, because there are always really skilled kids that are 5'4" that don't get drafted until the 13th round that are 5'11" the year after and become quality players. There are also players that get picked in the 2nd round that look good against kids their age, but can't adjust when they have to face 20 year olds at the age of 16.

Don't quote me on this, but I believe the rules for the OHL are as follows. Teams must offer 2 picks (1st guaranteed??) a contract for that upcoming season. So for a 2nd round pick, most of the time you'd expect either a guy who's going to be an immediate contributor, or someone who will play the year after. Because the 2010 OHL Priority Selection was the year I followed the most, here's a look at the 2nd round.

Garrett Hooey*(3rd liner)
Mark Petaccio*(4th liner)
Billy Jenkins*(EX Ottawa Valley Titan WOOOO / 2nd liner)
Brody Silk*(2nd liner)
Thomas Wilson*(1st liner)
Connor Boland*(Bottom pairing D)
Scott Kosmachuk*(1st liner)
Nathan Cull*(3rd Liner)
Connor Crisp*(2nd/3rd liner / goalie )
Jake Paterson*(Starting Goalie)
Jacob Ringuette*(Bottom pairing defenceman)
Evan McEneny*(4/5 Defenceman)
Matthew Murray*(Starting Goalie)
Taylor Fielding*(Defenceman turned Solid 3rd line Winger)
Ryan Duhaime*(EX OTTAWA VALLEY TITAN WOOOO / 4/5 Defenceman)
Michael Clarke*(2nd/3rd liner?)
Joel Wigle*(3rd liner)
Samuel Schutt*(EX OTTAWA VALLEY TITAN WOOOO / 3rd liner)
Ryan Shipley (3rd pairing defenceman)

As you can see, every single pick in the 2010 OHL Priority Selection is currently in the OHL. There's probably a 60% chance you get a bottom 6er/bottom pairing, and a 40% chance you get a top 6/top 4 player.

So from a 2nd round pick I EXPECT a player that will be a depth player in year 1 and 2 and become a prominent core player in year 3 and 4.

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