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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
I don't think it will be quite that bad. They should have a ton of cap space assuming they get rid of some of their stiffs: Vick, Bell, Babin (already gone), Jenkins. That right there would give free up ~30M in cap space.

They are missing 3 starters off the offensive line. All they really need to do is get a RG/RT either in FA or the draft. Shouldn't be too hard. Unless all three guys are ruined (Peters could be), the offense should be ok. Plus, there are some guys coming on the market I wouldn't mind going after: Jake Long or Ryan Clady. They could also possibly go after a guy like Dwayne Bowe in FA to shore up the WR corp.

Defensively, the DLine is fine. They really need Safeties, LBs, CBs. They could go after a William Moore-type safety or even a Louis Delmas. And possibly draft a Mante Teo or Dee Milliner in the first. I'm not giving up on Asomugha yet. Maybe a
restructure is in order for him.
Even if Peters gets back to pre-injury form, I'm not sold of them being a good unit. They just don't have the talent up front to compete against the better pass rushes in the league. It'll also be a tough task to get either Long or Clady.

The defense needs a lot of help outside of tackle. Outside of Kendricks, they have no one as a long term solution at linebacker. They need two safeties as well. Allen hasn't recovered from the knee injury, and Kurt Coleman just isn't good enough to be a starter in the NFL. I'd hold onto Namdi, but would get rid of DRC. He's too soft to play against the more physical receivers. That's not good when guys like Nicks, Bryant, and Garcon are going to be his match ups in the division for the foreseeable future. He's like A. Samuel without the ability to create turnovers. Both Graham and Cole are too small to be dominant pass rushers for an entire season. If they want them to stay as the starters, they're going to have to have a good rotation of ends to spell those guys.

I would love to see Bowe here though. He would give them a great red zone threat. Jackson and Maclin don't have the ability to go up and get the jump balls. Cooper hasn't been bad at it when he's gotten the chance though.

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