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Originally Posted by BruinsBtn View Post
Are you trying to tell me there are people who live in downtown Detroit?

No one is walking to a sporting event in Detroit.
Yes they are. The city is mobbed with sports fans all year long, you hardly see any crime along the main parking areas of the arenas. They are filled with theaters, restaurants, the stadiums, parking lots, and actually have cops. However a mile away is where the problems begin.

As the other poster stated many people in Michigan believe that Pistons attendance hurts because of location. The counter point to this is they gain a lot of attendance from the northern part of the state, which wouldn't want to drive all the way to Detroit. The Pistons suck and weren't/aren't a fun team to watch, that is biggest reason for bad attendance, especially making terrible trades. They are looking better so attendance eventually will improve in the next season.

So it's not that you are right or wrong about some points, but it is very obvious you do not know this area well at all.

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