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12-04-2012, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
But Ethier came to the Dodgers as a prospect, not as an established major leaguer. Plus, he spent some time in the Dodgers' AAA affiliate before being called up. And don't be mad that with the Dodgers' pocket, they can buy any free agent they want and at the same time, invest in rebuilding the farm system. Not many teams can do both at the same time. I guarantee you that just over a year ago when the Dodgers filed for bankruptcy, those were the jokes that you were making about the Dodgers. Now brace yourself for an ownership that wants to field a competitive team every single year. And how convenient that you forgot the Giants barely had any homegrown talent back in the Bonds era and they tried to "buy" championships.
That's nice and all, but aren't the dodgers trading away all of their prospects for these players? Also the giants weren't trying to buy championships during the roid era, completely different than the dodgers. Good for the Dodgers for having money, but it's pretty obvious that Magic and co. are trying to buy a championship to bring the fans back. Me being a Giants fan obviously hates it and that's why I'm rooting for them to fail. Cheers.

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