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12-04-2012, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post
Why is it always Leaf fans that have to conform. Maybe Vancouver fans should for a change.

If you guys came at me and said it was reported on a Vancouver/Toronto radio station that the supposed deal was Kadri + Bozak + 1st + for LUongo, than I`d conform and it would be more believable.

Unfortunately that`s not the case. Right now the only offer we have to go on is the Millard rumor. A 1st was not mentioned in the deal. So sorry Van fans, deal with it.
Lol, its so amazing how easily peoples value of Luongo is swayed by one suggestion from a person in the media !!! Why should any of us have to conform ? Shouldnt we "all" be making are own thought out opinions? Probably a month ago me and you discussed trades and we both agreed that Kadri, Bozak, 1st (protected) could be fare and viable for both teams. Now bcuz some Toronto based reporter mentions only Kadri and Bozak all the sudden thats all Luongos worth. I have nothing against Millard but he doesnt seem like someone who has any more credible sources than McKenzie, LeBrun, or even Dreger for that matter, all of which to my knowledge have not acknowledged any of this. If there was any more validity in these reports we would hear it from other media outlets. I am aware that supposedly Pierre Mcguire mentioned something but no one can seem to confirm what was actually said or if he was just repeating Millard's comments. I am not saying Millard's wrong but i think you should take what he says with a grain of salt before jumping to conclusions. Just a suggestion for everyone: Make your own decisions/evaluations instead of hiding behind those of others

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