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12-04-2012, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Hodgy View Post
I brought it up once...

Anyway, I still don't agree that Corrado is a better skater than Ballard. Was Ballard poor after returning from an injury to his hip? Probably, that would make sense, injuries do that. But I am not sure where you have gotten the idea that Ballard's last injury will permanently restrict his skating, I don't remember any report suggesting that.

Moreover, I don't agree that Ballard is a poor lateral skater/pivoter. From my my experiences watching Ballard his skating has always been very good, whether backward or forwards, pivoting, etc. I think if one watched Ballard when he was in the NCAA he would GREATLY standout for his skating ability.

As for Tanev, Ballard is definitely a better skater than Tanev. Tanev isn't a bad skater, but he definitely isn't an above average skater at the NHL level, at least not now. Anyhow, are you really suggesting that you have an accurate comparator group for Corrado because you have seen Tanev play in the NHL, Schroeder and Sweatt in a handful of games (most exhibition games), all three of which have played a grand total of FOUR games with Corrado. Seems kind of ridiculous and unconvincing to me.
This one is the correct answer. Ballard is a fantastic skater.

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