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12-04-2012, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by TheMoreYouKnow View Post
Stadiums don't really do much for the economy, mostly just divert income streams from other things. Studies done by teams and leagues tend to just look at the revenue generated by the new stadium without looking if it's actually a net benefit for the region rather than the guy who owns the stadium.

And Bob is correct, as nice as Comerica and Ford Field are, they haven't really made much of a difference as far as Detroit's fortunes are concerned.

As far as revitalization goes sports stadiums also have the problem that outside the 6-7 hours that encompass the pre-game arrivals, the game and the aftermatch, they can be pretty deserted (and this includes the attached entertainment options). They certainly don't bring about the sort of urban vibrancy you'd hope for with such a major investment. That's a general problem with "commuter-based" regeneration. Livability is the first concern and Detroit has so much to do on that front.

That said, the Wings *do* probably need a new arena in the next 10-15 years or so. I'd just prefer it if private sector actors paid for it. Don't forget, once finished it would likely be a total cash cow for Ilitch.
Pretty much this. Downtown Detroit is dead 90% of the year. Friday nights are pitiful compared to a City like Chicago which is always is packed even when a pro team isnt playing. A pro team can only make a good thing better. If you build it, they wont come unless they are already here.

Wings games dont even fill up downtown even during the playoffs with the exception of the Cup Finals. That hardly justifies tax payer money going towards constructing a new building for the Wings. I love the Wings, but you need to have your priorities in order. School, public safety, a bunch of other stuff and MAYBE a pro sports arena if there is enough money to spare without sacrificing anything.

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