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12-04-2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by PW52 View Post
True, guess my hate for the Dodgers got in the way. Also just because you have top 10 picks doesn't mean your going to draft a star. Giants drafted and developed pretty good. Giants starters who are homegrown right now are Posey, Cain/Lincecum/Bumgarner, Crawford, Belt, Sandoval, and Vogelsong was also drafted by the Giants. Pretty good.
That still doesn't change the fact that the Dodgers have not had the luxury of getting top 10 picks like the Giants did in the late 2000s. Cain and the other guys that I already mentioned, yes, the Giants deserve credit for drafting developing them. Sandoval was an international free agent so he wasn't drafted by any means. Nevertheless, he was still a prospect that they had to develop so kudos to them. Now we get to the players that "developing" and "pretty good" shouldn't be used just yet. Brandon Crawford has light-hitting SS written all over him. Easily replaceable. Brandon Belt will be 25 next year and he still hasn't established himself and a reliable everyday 1B who can consistently hit for power. Looks like another James Loney. 2013 is his make-or-break season unless you have the patience to wait for him to become a late-bloomer. Vogelsong - Dude spent a lot of years with Pittsburgh after getting drafted by the Giants. He also went to Japan before coming back to the Giants. He was a journeyman before he suddenly found magic. Righetti deserves credit for that. Giants' player development? No. That'd be like the Red Wings counting Kyle Quincey as a "homegrown" player.

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